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Flat Chested? 
A 2-part package combining 400 mg capsules and serum. The two have been developed by cosmetic researchers and herbal specialists to produce ethically harvested premium Pueraria Mirifica extract.
Premium serum for raising the nipples, breast lifting, and skin firming.

Premium capsules for shaping and making breasts bigger and firmer.

Generally after 90 days treatment, you will experience:
  •  Noticeable breast growth
  •  A more pronounced cleavage
  •  Raised / Perkier Nipples
  •  More toned and firm yet bouncy breasts
How Fast Can You Expect Results?

By the 90 day mark, you will have more prominent cleavage and fuller breast size with the results getting better as you progressively use the Pueraria Mirifica. If you start using Pueraria Mirifica its best to continue to use it, sometimes your body needs a longer kickstart to produce the correct hormones.
Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enhancement and Lifting Therapy
Pueraria Mirifica breast enhancement capsules and serum are a 2-part natural supplements therapy that firms your bust leaving you sexy and youthful.
Specially formulated using natural formula, the two are the driving force behind the breast’s enhancement and are suitable for everyone regardless of skin sensitivity or gender!

Daily Pueraria Mirifica Capsules

Swiss Botany Pueraria Mirifica Firming and Lifting Serum

These two products are effective in their respective categories in helping improve overall breast appearance.
How does it work?
Part 1: Capsules
  • Growth: Jumpstarts Hormones
  • Firming: Creates a more elastic bouncy breast
Directions: Swallow one capsule daily after lunch as well as dinner for breast enlargement or one after dinner for firming.

Recommended dosage: 2 Capsules per day for growth, 1 capsule per day for firming
Part 2: Serum
  • Lift & Tighten: Breasts start to firm on 1st use, lifts, separates and tightens the skin
  • Shaping: Pulls breast skin up, giving the breast a more round and perky look
  • Raises Nipples: The sensitive skin of the nipple is highly tightened by the serum, giving them wonderul lift
Directions: Massage into breasts until fully absorbed or 5 minutes

Recommended dosage: 1/2 dropper full per breast twice a day
Whats in it?
All the great stuff that makes perfectly shaped breasts!
  • Pueraria Mirifica: High in phytoestrogens which helps in firming breasts by expanding fat tissues and lengthening the milk ducts. This ingredient also facilitates the growth of basal cell around the breasts for more flexibility.
  •  Hamamelis Virginiana extract: Used as a skin tightening astringent.
  •  Emblic Leafflower extract: Contains high amounts of Ascorbic Acid which is a powerful antioxidant famed for reducing wrinkles and helping skin preserve natural moisture.
  •  Crabapple Limba: A revolutionary herb in maintaining the overall skin wellness.
  •  Vitamin C: Helps in regulating collagen.
  • Myrobalan extract: Helps in diminishing skin wrinkles.
What do I need?
Small / Flat Chest
Medium / Slightly Saggy
Large / Down Pointing Nipples
Underdeveloped breasts are common all over the world - Luckily we have a solution to this problem! 

We suggest starting with 2 capsules per day, our breast cream, and utilizing our breast enhancement soap. Follow the diet plan for under developed breasts & make sure you ask questions in our private members group.

Start with the $19.99 per month bottle then add the rest after checkout.

By this time next year (maybe sooner) you should be rocking a string bikini and be spilling out of it!
Plump / Enlargement
One of the most common issues are medium but saggy breasts, or medium /flat breasts. (Or just wanting to increase size!)

We actually started our 2nd plan just for this type of breast. 2 capsules per day, and 2 doses of our serum per day, started with a 10 minute breast massage in the shower with our home made pueraria mirifica soap. 1 application of breast cream MAY be added to this.

This plan starts at $69.99 per month (1 capsule, 2 serums)

You will see firming results within 30 days, around the 90 day mark you'll see your sagging nipples raised.
Firm / Perk / Raise Nipples
A nightmare of an issue! We feel your pain. There are almost no solutions for larger breasts that sag, or pancake breast. Thats what you thought right? WRONG!

You will need our larger monthly plan, and add 2 bottles of serum to your order. Using the soap and breast cream will help fill your breasts and make them firmer. The serum will help raise your nipples, as the skin firms, the areola will decrease in size, making your nipples look smaller, tighter, and perkier.

You will FEEL results within 30 days, however you may not notice them until the 60 day mark.

Do not hesitate - The further they stretch, the harder (and longer it takes) it is to get that bouncy look back!
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